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The Isle of Mull is an island of breathtaking beauty, dramatic scenery and unspoiled landscapes that lies just off the west coast of Scotland. It is also the home to a wonderful array of wildlife including red deer, bottlenose dolphins, minke whales, harbour porpoises, basking sharks and most famously, the white tailed eagles, the rarest bird of prey in Britain.

This fascinating Scottish island has attractions for all the family and has more recently become known by viewers of the BBC programmes Coast, Springwatch and Autumnwatch.

Also, fans of the children’s television show Balamory will recognise the scenery and coloured houses of Tobermory where most of the BBC show was filmed.

Some of the most popular places on the island include any of the 6 castles of Mull, all of which are very different but equally impressive.

The highest peak on the island, Ben More, provides spectacular views of surrounding islands that will definitely take your breath away.

Mull is also the home to many of the most beautiful beaches in Britain, some are easily accessible by car while others require a bit of walking to find these hidden coastal gems.
With its incredible history, unique structures and rocks that are found nowhere else in the world, Mull is the perfect place to visit for those interested in geology and history.

The Isle of Mull is home to the geological wonder of the 50 million year old Fossil Tree which is preserved in the Basalt Cliffs. Although the walk to this is about 24 kilometres and will take at least 6 hours, it is set amidst stunning coastal scenery that will be worth the trek and will blow you away.

Led by EventScotland and VisitScotland, 2013 is the Year of Natural Scotland which aims to promote the country’s stunning natural beauty and landscapes to visitors from far and wide.

Whether it’s the remote beaches, the never-ending culture and activities, the fascinating wildlife or simply the peaceful charm of the island that brings you here, the Isle of Mull is the perfect escape for all ages.

There is so much to see and do on the Isle of Mull. We have put together a list of our favorite Isle of Mull activities here>

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